An Attitude Of Gratitude Makes For A Blissful Life

It’s amazing what a little ‘reflection’ can do to you…

Tonight while feeding little Sofia who’s almost three months old… gazing at her and being so fully aware and present in the moment, with Cristiano (four years old) lying next to me passed out from a full day of play and fun, This huge wave of pure, blissful, perfect GRATITUDE washed over me… and I just melted into the moment! I surrendered to the beauty of life right then and there and I just felt with all my essence that I was in the presence of a higher power. And indeed that is the power of Gratitude… it can truly elate you and take you to another place. I traveled in time tonight… to a place that brought tears of joy to my eyes and made my heart sing… and I thank God for reminding me how blessed I continue to be each and every day! Thank you God for touching my heart tonight, yet again, and letting me ‘see’ You through the gift of my children.

There are blessings in the simple moments in our days… being present allows us to see them!

I would love to hear from you about what you are grateful for today and every day!

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September 25, 2016

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