“Write my dear. Write until you can’t write anymore. And then write some more. And when you look back on what you have written you will smile and be joyful in all that has come out of you. “

Alexia Vlahos Kolokasides
Who’s shoes…?
The other day while recording for my upcoming event in 2 weeks the neighbors wanted to check in with me on something and so before I headed next door I reached out for my hubby’s windbreaker.   He's 2mtrs tall, so his clothes are huge on me! It’s an amazing bright sky blue color and it sm
March 12, 2021
Do you REALLY trust yourself?
Trust is a word that is being thrown around a lot lately.  Especially in the personal development arena.You must trust yourself.  You must trust your decisions.  You must trust your gut.   I want to offer you this BIG yet simple idea today that maybe you can try on for s
February 26, 2021
You’ve been duped into believing the lies!
I never thought I would be the one that says this, but it turns out 2020 has been the best year yet in my business, in my relationships, in my family, in myself! And why? Because I consciously DECIDED to put the fears that I've been duped into believing aside… and take myself on in a big an
September 8, 2020
Bypass the ‘you’ that’s holding you back
There’s a series of weird, seemingly backwards questions that I ask my clients at the start of our working together. It’s a process which boggles the mind and takes the client to a deeper place where they can access unsolicited information about themselves without the influence of the critical f
April 14, 2020
Why failing isn’t the problem
Failing is actually succeeding.  It is not the problem at hand. Last night our son (Cristiano 7) had his Christmas School Play and after that we went for a late family dinner. We arrived at the restaurant with my mom and our son while my husband and our daughter Sofia (3) were already there
December 20, 2019
A Whole Lot Of Static Going On
I’ve become a very good listener and I often find myself listening (probably might look like eavesdropping) to the words that the women around me choose to describe their children, their have nots, their partners, or their jobs, or their belongings or anything else in their experience of life. It
September 12, 2019
When A Hurricane Hits, Do You Fall?
I have a friend in Florida, her name is Chantelle.  She is a beautiful person, even more so on the inside and she inspired this blog today.  Chantelle has 3 incredible boys.  She is kicking it as a single mom.  And she is an inspiration to me in so many ways.  As I write th
August 30, 2019
The Eve Of His Birth
It's the eve of his birth. Our son's. Tomorrow he turns 7. This time, 7 years ago, I was eating pizza on my cousin's veranda, with my belly so huge and heavy that I wasn't even sure if I could physically fit any pizza in there! I did.  In case you're wondering ;-) Fast forward to the next
August 24, 2019
My Family (The Dream Team Mindset)
I’m sitting at a photo studio and there’s a big(ish) screen showing scenes from different weddings that the photographer has curated. As I watch the brides and grooms sharing very sweet moments, moments of promise, moments of excitement, moments of joy, nervousness, anticipation...different emot
July 25, 2019
How ‘OCD’ Could Be A Good Thing
I am just about to go on holiday and putting the final touches to the topic for the last day of the 5-day Free Master class that I chose to give for my community on “How To Do Conscious Parenting In The Modern Home”. I love doing things like this and being of service to you even though there is
June 21, 2019
When I Grow Up…
All my childhood life, I remember this question : ‘So what do YOU want to be when you grow up?’ I’m sure you got this question more than a couple of times and I’m sure your kids are getting it too. If not from you, then definitely from the other ‘adults’ in their environment. So, I’
June 14, 2019
May You Be Brave Enough To Pop The Balloon And Find Your Energy Again
Are you feeling depleted lately?  Tired and low?  Instead of energized and excited? In today's blog I am going to give you 3 Steps You Can Do When You Are Feeling Depleted Instead Of Energized. I don’t know if you watched it…? The fb live video I did on Thursday morning at 11:11am? I
June 7, 2019
Three Steps Moms Can Take To Stop Worrying About Tomorrow
Today I’m going to share with you Three Steps you can do daily, to support you and release you from the need to worry about tomorrow. I often observe people (myself included) and how they are going about their motions and Emotions during a situation or expected situation in the future. It always
May 31, 2019
Why It Doesn’t Exist Outside Of You (Work-Life Balance)
We have become inundated with the notion of ‘WORK-LIFE’ balance. With the idea of ‘having it all together’ and with the idea that not having it all together means failure. With the idea that not having ‘balance’ is a problem. You see, right here, I have a problem with that idea… it te
May 19, 2019
Is Your ‘Mind’ In The Right Place?
Over the years as a Life Coach I have learned, on a VERY personal level, that a fulfilling life does not start in the head. At it's core, it starts in the heart. While our brain (the logical mind in our head) plays an obvious role in our lives, aligning the two (logical mind and heart mind) is param
February 26, 2019
I Had Plastic Surgery – And I Loved It
Hi my friends. Do you know that a significant amount of your time is spent with you sleeping? I’m not talking about the hours at night where you find yourself in your bed. I’m talking about the hours where you are fully ‘awake’ and going about your day. Eyes open. Still sleeping! You know w
February 6, 2019
Why I Don’t Believe Our Children Are Our Greatest Teachers
At first glance you may think I’m crazy with this title. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of seeing this everywhere… that our children are our greatest teachers. How can that be true? I am the one here teaching them and guiding them, feeding them, ‘growing’ them…. Right? OR AM I?
January 23, 2019
The REAL Truth About How I Became A Life Coach – Pain & Disappointment Were My Guide
Today I decided to come clean and tell you the truth about how I became a Life Coach… I was in pain. A lot of physical pain. When I stood at the sink to wash dishes, PAIN. When I stood at the fax machine at the office…. PAIN. If I sat for too long at the computer… you guessed it… PAIN! The
January 14, 2019
When Dad’s Are Away
Hello my friends! It’s a rainy Thursday morning in Paphos Cyprus and I’m sitting in a lovely place enjoying my coffee and feeling inspired and blessed that I can share my story with you today! Today’s blog is about the craziness … the unique craziness that happens when DAD’s are away! I d
December 6, 2018
The Calm And Magic Of The Storm
Hello my friends! I sooooo hope you are having a fabulous day today.... It's Friday and blog post day! I am committing to posting a blog every Friday for all you fabulous readers! Hope you enjoy this one... Today’s blog is a hard one to share because it runs a little too close to home… but I ma
November 23, 2018
How My Husband Offended Me – And I Thank Him For It
This morning I decided to simplify my life (even more) and go on a major de-clutter binge. When I look around my home, I see so many things that are essentially of no particular use to me and neither do they have any importance, value or sentiment. Many things have been given to me or picked up alon
November 5, 2018
Make 2019 The Year You Connect Even Deeper With Your Child
My beloved friends and readers, I'm so excited to announce my next workshop! Based on the teachings of Dr. Shefali Tsabary, The Conscious Parenting Workshop is scheduled for February / March 2019 ! More details can be found here: The Conscious Parenting Workshop​ How can this workshop benefit
October 24, 2018
The 3 Things Every Single Child Wants To Know
If you have children, this will be an important read for you. If you don’t have children, you will still find this post an important one as I am almost certain you will be able to relate to it in context of your childhood and possibly still now in adulthood. As a mom of 2 young children I often g
October 6, 2018
The CZ Is Killing You – And You Don’t Even Know It
Your CZ (known as the COMFORT ZONE) is the mental space you subconsciously choose to reside because this is where you usually ‘feel’ safe, comfortable and secure. Not much goes on in this neighborhood aside from the day to day routines, the usual conflicts with the usual people in your life, the
September 21, 2018
Oh Those Boundaries! But Somebody’s Gotta Do It!
When you think of BOUNDARIES what comes to mind? In the context of your work how are boundaries instilled and maintained? What is their purpose? What about in the context of your relationships, friendships? What about the boundaries you have in place for your children? Do you have boundaries clea
July 27, 2018
Practicing Joy Anyway
Today I was in that place where some people call BLISS, FLOW, HIGH FREQUENCY…. And it was magical! I woke up around 6am and despite what my mind was telling me, (I’m tired; It’s too early; I need more sleep; I’ll be bored if I go alone… and a lot more JUNK), I pulled on my sneakers, p
June 27, 2018
I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me
To the hard spoken and tired exhausted mom that keeps coming to my awareness … I Don’t Mean To Judge… And I Don’t Know How much of a hard time you are having…. But for my own sanity, I have got to get this off my chest because it’s just too hard watching your boy being bullied by you eve
May 20, 2018
The Words We Say When We Think No-one Is Listening
Today I gave myself the morning off. I took a walk through the town and enjoyed the fresh breeze on my skin while absorbing the beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea not too far away. My intention was to return something to a store which in the end led me to have a lovely conversation with a very
May 4, 2018
These Toddlers Have No Mercy On Us Moms!
Yes, I nearly died the other day! AGAIN! It was a late Saturday morning and I had met up with my sisters at a local coffee shop, both our kids in tow (Sofia 20 months old and Cristiano almost 6 yearls old). My husband had gone to pick something up from a nearby store and I was left to enjoy my coff
March 18, 2018
Rainbows And Tunnels
Here we are again… It’s Monday morning and as I sit at my laptop and reflect on the weekend I’m compelled to share my experience with you hoping that it’ll help someone during a frightening drive through a dark tunnel.  The dark tunnel being the journey from chaos to calm … aka our 5y
January 15, 2018
An Attitude Of Gratitude Makes For A Blissful Life
It's amazing what a little 'reflection' can do to you... Tonight while feeding little Sofia who's almost three months old... gazing at her and being so fully aware and present in the moment, with Cristiano (four years old) lying next to me passed out from a full day of play and fun, This huge wave
September 25, 2016
Life Lessons From A Four Year Old That Everyone Should Take Personally
How to rewire your brain when you fall: Yesterday our Cristiano (4) fell off his bike while riding at a friend’s house... He grazed elbows, knees, and there were a lot of tears coming down a dirty face. After hugs and kisses he quickly brushed himself off and said "yes mommy I'm ok. And I've got
September 12, 2016
How I’m Learning To Be The Parent ‘My’ Son Needs Me To Be
Last night we had some friends visiting and after a long afternoon of helping his uncle and dad with various stuff around the house, almost 4yr old Cristiano sat down with his younger cousin to have dinner at a smaller table next to the adults (due to limited space). There appeared to be a squabble
June 20, 2016
Take That Pause… And Then Just Wait For Magic To Happen
Soooo, I've been at home trying to get through contractions all day while Cristiano goes about his day at school, yesterday he went for his swimming lesson and then went to a friend’s house. He got home after 9pm so I immediately started his bedtime routine with his glass of milk, pj's, teeth brus
June 17, 2016
The Story Of A Life Coach Mommy
“When you come to the edge of all the light you know, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, FAITH is knowing one of two things will happen: There will be something solid to stand on or you will be taught how to fly” Barbara J. Winter Some say that no one is born a great
April 5, 2016

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