Bypass the ‘you’ that’s holding you back

There’s a series of weird, seemingly backwards questions that I ask my clients at the start of our working together. It’s a process which boggles the mind and takes the client to a deeper place where they can access unsolicited information about themselves without the influence of the critical faculty of the conscious mind.

They don’t particularly enjoy this process very much when going through it… but they realize by the end of it, it’s incredible value and purpose.

The critical faculty of the conscious mind is that part of you that is ready at all times to judge, fear, doubt and basically respond based on all the programs you have running in the background. The programs running in the background are not really yours. They have been passed on to you, uploaded into your ‘hard-drive’ by your environment (your experiences and the people who have been around you from the time you were a babe). They are the belief systems, value systems, sense of self and ideals that make up your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body. They call the shots around your decision making, your direction in life, your current reality.

That’s how powerful these programs are… and they are running 95% of the show because they have just become automated and no conscious effort on your part is required anymore.

Remember when you learned how to drive a car, or a bike?

At the beginning a conscious effort was required and a lot of focus and attention to detail.
Through repetition you learned the act of driving or riding and finally it became automatic. Now, you don’t need to think about pressing the clutch pedal to change gears, or pulling the handbrake when you want to park. It’s all embedded.

How incredible is that?

The same has happened with all of your other behaviors. They have become embedded. And the some of your behaviors, your decisions (those you made or didn’t make) have led you to where you are now in your life.

Now, that might be good news or bad news for you. It all depends on whether you are at a place in your life where you actually feel and experience joy, fulfillment, positive challenge, gratitude, deep love, connection… etc.

So where are you?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter… because the programs I mention above, THEY CAN BE CHANGED. They are not hard-wired in your system!

There’s GREAT news isn’t it!?

I was coaching one of my clients today and it was one of those days where she got to ‘confuse’ and ‘hack’ her conscious mind through a series of weird questions. I enjoyed every minute of it in my own way.

Why do I do this weird question thing? So that she can get to the REAL answers in her heart and soul instead of the automatic responses, judgments and fears that are already programmed in her mind. She was uncomfortable, but she trusted the process and she trusted me. And it was beautiful!

I absolutely love how the insights show themselves to us when we go deeper… when we trust… when we allow our higher selves to show up and engage with us!

They (insights and revelations) are not in your programmed mind… they are in your soul, and you get to SEE and engage with that part of you only through diving below the surface of the deep conditioning you have been exposed to for so many years.

We are made of many, many parts that make up a whole, one body. Similarly, as a whole one body we are part of an even bigger body called The Collective Consciousness. I invite you to SEE yourself as one cell, amongst  many many other cells that make up the whole, one body (the collective consciousness).  And perhaps consider the power you have, as well as the responsibility towards that one body to continually BE the truth of who you are and live through your soul, doing the work and in doing so, raising the collective consciousness to an incredible high vibration and light-filled reality!

If you are someone who is on the path of self-discovery, healing, enlightenment and personal growth on the emotional, physical and spiritual level, you probably know already that you must hack your conscious mind and get to the deeper part of you that holds the truths and wisdom of who you are.

The only way to do that is to go deep, change the programs in the subconscious mind, let go of the illusions and the lies, establish a loving relationship with your higher self, connect to your heart and bring coherence back into your inner energy fields which will regulate your body, your mind, your brain, your whole being!

There are many modalities that provide some sort of inner growth and evolution. You have to choose one that resonates with you on a deep level and in which you feel trust and love.

In my journey, and with our clients, we believe the holistic approach is an incredible experience of life!

The mind, body, soul approach is paramount. We work through the layers in a gentle way, letting go of patterns and habits, non-resourceful systems working in the background, we establish a powerful connection to the heart through energy activations and light tools, aligning the energy systems and bringing coherence back into the whole body.

You are not just one part. You are a myriad of parts of a puzzle which when pieced together one by one, in a gentle, supportive and trusting environment allows the coherence to re-emerge and brings flow, harmony and true soul-light essence into all areas of your life. Triggers melt away. Forgiveness provides relief. Gratitude brings immense joy. The pains of the past become your treasure chest of golden nuggets for your future. Signs become clearer to you and decisions, even the hard ones are made with greater confidence and stoicism. Guidance and leadership within your family becomes an easier part of your role as mom. Relationships that your soul craves will remain while others that just are not in alignment will fall away naturally. Your partnerships will strengthen. Your voice will be heard. Your courage will grow. Your faith will no longer falter.

I invite you to walk this path with me… it is one that is covered with gold and lavender, with light and love in the highest form.

On this path you meet your soul in the most profound way.
On this path you meet your maker in places within that have been shut down by the programs for so many years.
On this path you meet the light that IS YOU.

It is time to unlock the doors and remember your truee, your soul and all it’s miracles it has to show you!


I love you and I see you

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April 14, 2020

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