Do you REALLY trust yourself?

Trust is a word that is being thrown around a lot lately.  Especially in the personal development arena.

You must trust yourself.  You must trust your decisions.  You must trust your gut.  

I want to offer you this BIG yet simple idea today that maybe you can try on for size …  

I don’t think it’s possible to not trust yourself. 

Think about it… all you ever do is TRUST yourself on an enormous level!

Here’s how I see it… Your body is running thousands of functions right now in this moment and continues to do so even as you sleep.  You trust it. 

You blindly trust that your mind, your heart, your skin, your organs etc continue their work, even with you not having to do anything directly about it.

You trust, without ever questioning, that your immune system is a powerful intelligence inside of you.

You don’t think twice about the trust have for your trillions of cells and the unique role each one has to maintain your body’s systems.

And yet, everywhere I turn, I still see how little most people are trusting of their true power on an intimate level.  

The reason for that is due to the gentle yet purposeful mind conditioning that has been going on for so long.  You have been ‘trained’ to believe that you don’t trust yourself.  When in fact you do.

Read that again:  You have been ‘trained’ to believe that you don’t trust yourself.  When in fact you do.  Don’t you?

As a woman, we have been heavily programmed to seek outside resources about our divine purpose on this planet, from the seemingly surface topics like beauty and success to the deeper elements of life including fulfillment, joy, commitment, partnership, soul companionship etc.

So if you go beneath the layers of the beliefs you’ve been trained to take on for yourself, ask yourself these questions that’ll help you to start feeling the trust again:

When did you start second-guessing your decisions?

Was it when kids laughed at you at school?  

Or when the teacher called you out and embarrassed you?

Or when your parents held a high level of expectations that you just couldn’t reach no matter how hard you tried?
Or maybe it was after you failed miserably at a goal you set out to achieve?
Or maybe something in life didn’t quite turn out the way you hoped and that led you to a major generalization of ‘I can’t trust myself’?

Whatever it is, wherever the lie started to take root, I am using my voice to speak into this and start to break it out of your belief system…. YOU CAN trust yourself because you get to CHOOSE to do that completely, willingly and in alignment with the essence of who you are!

Start seeing yourself as a woman who trusts herself. 

Start exploring what that would look like for you.

Start thinking what thoughts you will have once you trust yourself.

Start feeling how it feels to trust yourself.  

Feel into the confidence.

Feel into the love.

Feel into the truth that TRUST just is.  And there is nothing that can change that or make you believe that you should not trust yourself.  

No matter what decisions you made and how things ended up, you still get to trust yourself deeply when you come from a place of ‘life is working out for me’ and ‘every challenge holds a gift for my next moment of growth’.

Trust opens up new dimensions of life for you.

Are you ready to experience that?

It’s my wish for you today!

And if no-one has told you this today, know that I love you!



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February 26, 2021

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