How My Husband Offended Me – And I Thank Him For It

This morning I decided to simplify my life (even more) and go on a major de-clutter binge. When I look around my home, I see so many things that are essentially of no particular use to me and neither do they have any importance, value or sentiment. Many things have been given to me or picked up along the way when I was convinced I needed beautiful ‘stuff’ to make me feel happy. Seems like a million years ago!

I’m throwing it all to the curb and I am going to start room by room and get rid of the junk and I cannot wait for the physical, emotional and spiritual baggage that will be lifted from my shoulders.

I often do this with my mind too! I take it apart, download the thoughts I’m having about a certain situation that is causing me some internal discomfort. I turn it upside down and then keep only what I like and what is serving me. (I use NLP and other coaching tools I have acquired over the years like Polarities Integration, TimeLine Paradigm etc… ). It is such an important process in my life and has literally saved me tons of energy, squabbles and suffering for me as well as those around me. I am just so much more laid back than I ever was before in my life! Few external things rock my boat these days. Not to say that I have become a doormat… On the contrary! I have become even more clearer about my boundaries, what I consider acceptable or not and the direction in which I want my life to go.

For example, just the other day, upon asking him, my husband gave his opinion on something VERY important to me. I asked him about it because I highly value his opinion and input in my life. When he carefully blurted out his thoughts, I felt a cringing on the inside. A tightening of my stomach. I felt a bit betrayed and quite offended because his opinion was not aligned with what I was thinking and therefore I conjured up this feeling of betrayal and all these fears starting coming up and what not. Being the crazy life coach that I am, I wanted to coach myself and I got curious as to why I was feeling this way! And as you all know by now, our thoughts create our feelings so…

I sat myself down in my head (my logic and my subconscious needed to talk) and I dismantled the whole thing to understand HOW I came to feel like like that. My dear husband is entitled to his opinion after all. And I asked him for it! My response to that has nothing to do with him but EVERYTHING to do with me and my own beliefs and meaning-making process. When I got down to it, I realized that my internal thoughts of not being worthy and not good enough was triggered by his opinion. I heard his truth and my fears reared their ugly heads! Once I realized this big emotional unfolding I was able to diffuse it’s energy over me, replace my non-serving beliefs with waaay more empowering ones, embody them on the inside and integrate them with my subconscious and move forward with my day. God bless NLP!

We all must understand that everyone is living from their own perspective and their own conditioning… it is not possible to agree all the time with everyone. And when they don’t, THAT IS OK too. I am not saying you should ignore whatever is coming up on the inside! On the contrary, it is an invitation and a great opportunity for you to dig a little deeper. To deconstruct the feeling, trace it back to the thought and then disempower it and let it disintegrate into the universe from where it came. If you really think about it, the non-serving thought that you had was passed on to you by someone else in your past. Probably a family member or teacher or something. Somewhere along the line I chose to take this on and grateful for my husband… I was able to let it go!

If it is not serving you it needs to leave your body. Be grateful that it came up, thank it, look at it, feel it, and wish it well on it’s way .

DE-CLUTTER YOUR MIND by doing a thought download on things that are ‘bothering’ you. You will be amazed at what comes up.

Simultaneously, wherever you might be right now… whatever your path, your struggle, your dreams and desires, stay the course and keep your goal in your mind’s eye no matter what! Honor your dreams and your life enough to walk the difficult path and the possibility of rejection or failure. Yes, even failure. What an amazing teacher Failure is! Embrace it! Because it is from our very failures that we are able to extend our horizons even further and analyze and detect an even better strategy for making our goals a reality. It is our failures that will force us to create new pathways in the map of our mind so that we can ACHIEVE our goals and dreams.

Imagine the power that this will give to parents, teachers and our very children!

I love you and I thank you for sharing in my journey today!

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November 5, 2018

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