How ‘OCD’ Could Be A Good Thing

I am just about to go on holiday and putting the final touches to the topic for the last day of the 5-day Free Master class that I chose to give for my community on “How To Do Conscious Parenting In The Modern Home”. I love doing things like this and being of service to you even though there is a lot going on in my life right now.  My commitment to continue being of service keeps me moving forward.

And today, I am following my heart to share something very interesting with you:

I am sure many of you have heard of OCD and know that it stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and is usually diagnosed when someone is obsessive about a specific or set of behaviors that is really not serving the person diagnosed in any positive way.  Just so we are clear, THIS IS JUST MY OPINION AND I AM IN NO WAY DIAGNOSING OR MEDICATING…  In my opinion, OCD is just another coined term for behaviors that are serving a need for you.  Your need can still be served by another behavior which can actually enhance your life…should you choose it….  you somehow just confused yourself into the OCD pattern.  It’s just a mind thing.  And can be changed 🙂  

Moving on … I have thought of another meaning for OCD and I will show you how you can turn it around to find solutions to your perceived problems in your life.

My version of OCD goes like this:
O – Overwhelm
C – Chaos
D – Disaster

I am sure you are wondering how this could be a good alternative and how it can provide solutions to any of your problems… 

As a mom, it is very very easy to shift into overwhelm, chaos and disaster. It doesn’t take much to start the trip down this path – believe me I know because I have been there. I am grateful to know the steps to shift out of this zone and see the solutions that are waiting for me there.

So when you find yourself in overwhelm or chaos or disaster, or experiencing problems in your life, feelings of stuckness, blocked, or you are searching for something that is not coming into your life… this is a sign for you that something on the inside is not lining up for you. Mentally you might have the desire and the wish for something, or for a problem to be solved etc but internally there are mixed messages in the form of your belief systems that are blocking the results that you want.
It’s always an inside game 😉 and it serves you to learn how to play the game!

Remember that whenever something is not going right for you there is a very very good chance that there is a conflicting belief or value you have internally that is blocking you from overcoming that situation or achieving that goal or solving that problem. Makes sense?




In today’s final masterclass lesson I will be talking about this in detail and I invite you to watch the recording if you are not able to join live.

Briefly, when you have a problem and you are so focused on the problem it is not possible to be able to see the solution. What needs to be done is you need to take a few steps back, away from the ‘problem’ move a little higher or further away allowing space for the ‘problem’ to breathe, for you to breathe and in that space, in that trust and in that knowing, your solution and your insight will come.

There is a process I teach my clients on how to do this and it is a heart based approach that requires you to get into heart space, connect with your heart energy, expand that energy into your body and then out of you, and ask the question:  WHAT AM I BEING LED TO KNOW HERE?  WHAT IS MY NEXT STEP?

If you are in true heart space your answer will come – AND YOU MUST HONOR THAT FIRST STEP AND TAKE THE ACTION ON IT!   Say YES to that answer and take the first step!   The act of not taking action will just keep you even deeper in your problem, not honoring your hearts intentions for you and taking you to just more problems in your reality.

I hope this makes sense.

Please do watch the recording from today’s final class as it will give you more depth into this topic that I can only touch on in a blog post.  You can find the recording on my FB Page 🙂

As always, I love you so much and I thank you for being part of my life!!

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June 21, 2019

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