Make 2019 The Year You Connect Even Deeper With Your Child

My beloved friends and readers, I’m so excited to announce my next workshop!

Based on the teachings of Dr. Shefali Tsabary, The Conscious Parenting Workshop is scheduled for February / March 2019 !

More details can be found here:
The Conscious Parenting Workshop

How can this workshop benefit you?:
If you are in any way contemplating on your parenting style;
If you are questioning whether you are doing things right;
If you are wondering whether or not to discipline your child and how;
If you are feeling stuck within yourself on how to process your own childhood and might be afraid repeating your parent’s ‘mistakes’ with your children;
If you are parenting in fear;
If you are doubting your abilities;
If you afraid you may damaging your child;
If you are unsure of boundaries;
If your child is going through their own challenges and you don’t know how to support them in a healthy and empowering way;
And many other thoughts, doubts, fears and challenges that may run through your mind every day…
If this sounds like you, then the Conscious Parenting Workshop is your answer and may be the life-saver you are searching for! It will shed light and give you the tools to address ALL of the above and more and empower you to step up and parent from a place of authenticity, trust and connection. You will have everything you need to enhance your relationship and deepen your connection to your child/ren.
Thousands of families around the world have been rescued by the Conscious Parenting principles and parents are awakened to this authentic way of BEING. They are parenting from the heart, without fear, ‘barefoot’ if you like on the virgin soil of their children’s gardens! Parents are finding that even in the storms and chaos of daily life, they are aligned, aware, present and able to rise above the craziness to find the joy, peace and fun in parenting. The payoff? A child that is able to navigate themselves in adulthood with the deep connection to themselves and their roots. Knowing their strengths, trusting their abilities, managing their challenges and being authentic to the world. This child knows he is worthy. He knows he is of service to the world. He knows he can fly even through the storms.

What greater gift can you give to your child? Isn’t it time to be the parent your child needs you to be? Not the one you think you should be?
I truly hope you will join me on this amazing adventure. My whole being is excited to share EVERYTHING I have learned thus far on my own journey with you. I see it as my way of paying it forward and changing the world, one heart at a time – beginning with me. Therein lays the ripple effect. Each and every change in me effects my world. I believe our children deserve the best of us! Even when we are at our worst, we can be our best. Trust your heart. Let’s create the tipping point of parenting in Cyprus and Europe together and shift the parenting paradigm for our families and our world!

See you there!

Always with love

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October 24, 2018

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