May You Be Brave Enough To Pop The Balloon And Find Your Energy Again

Are you feeling depleted lately?  Tired and low?  Instead of energized and excited?

In today’s blog I am going to give you 3 Steps You Can Do When You Are Feeling Depleted Instead Of Energized.

I don’t know if you watched it…? The fb live video I did on Thursday morning at 11:11am? I shared my experience about how I moved through and got to the other side of my Thoughts of doom and worst case scenario images that were plaguing me last week.

If you’ve been having thoughts of dying before your children, bad car accidents and the like, … you might want to watch the video.   Here is the link to my FB page for you to watch it: RIPPLE EFFECT  

These types of thoughts definitely will suck the energy right out of you, so it’s important to address them at the root and process them so that your energy can go somewhere else!  My mom clients on my coaching program know exactly what I mean by this.

For me, I realized I was spiraling downward so I brought it up during my call with my coach and we got to work! It was quick and had an immediate effect on me with lasting ripple effects into my life!

Today, 4 days later, I am feeling incredible and like a balloon has popped on the inside releasing all this pent up energy that had nowhere to go!  My ideas are billowing like a bubbling brook, my energy is flowing, the universe is serving me and I am so, so grateful!

So what can you do when you are feeling depleted and like a dehydrated grape?

Follow these 3 steps to go from depleted and defeated to energized and up-levelized !

When it comes to feeling depleted and defeated you really have to start by looking on the inside.
It makes no sense to blame the outside, your job, your kids, your partner, the government or anything else for that matter for the state of YOUR energy. If you are reading this then you already know how this works = it all starts on the inside.

If your energy is low, you have to look at the quality of your thoughts and actions that you have been taking.  Because thoughts are energy and when you are having low grade thoughts your energy will follow that same pace.

A little on thoughts:
Are your thoughts about the past or the future? Are they creating worry and stress? Are they creating fear for you?  Is your body relaxed or tense?  You need to reign them (the thoughts)  in.  Start writing them down and start to question HOW you are choosing these types of thoughts, because no matter what happens on the outside, no matter what anyone does or says to you, you ultimately get to decide how to respond to that and what to think about that situation. And it is with that response (thoughts & actions) that your feelings will follow and your energy will either rise or fall. So, get the thoughts out of your head and start being DELIBERATE about how you would like to respond to situations.  Stop being on autopilot already!

A little on actions:
Are your actions aligned with your desires and bigger vision of your life? Or are you doing things that are just taking up your time and not really propelling you towards where you want to be going? If you are doing things that are not propelling you towards your desires (whatever they may be) then you are doing things that are propelling you AWAY from your desires.   Makes sense?  And in doing so, your emotional underground will show you that.  Just like writing down your thoughts, you can also write down the actions you are taking all day and whether they are serving you or not.  (you could put a tick for serving you and an x for not serving you).  Take note of the actions that are not serving your higher purpose and start to gently replace those with actions you’d rather be taking.

Take a trip down memory lane back to when you were a child, to the most FUN time of your childhood! Engage with that child for a few minutes and ask him/her what you can bring back with you to the present moment that will remind you of your ‘FUNNESS’. Then start to do those things. Start to do things that bring YOU joy.  Bliss.  Life!  Start engaging in spontaneous activity and decisions. Remember how it felt to be a child fully in the present during play. Start bringing that into your life. Become a person you like to be around. Start saying YES to fun in your life. Start opening up to fun play with your children no matter what their ages. You will begin to feel lighter and free from the burden of being a serious and monotonous victim of your conditioning. Fun will instantly boost your energy.  Fun will help you LET GO and FLOW!

Gratitude instantly raises your vibration so doing this step for a few minutes each day will support your energy levels in ways you do not know! When you are feeling depleted, find a place you can be alone for a few minutes and engage in heart-felt gratitude.  Connect to your heart and then bring to your awareness whatever / whoever you are deeply grateful for, feeling it in your heart.  Feel it starting in your heart and let it spread out to the rest of your body, part by part and allow yourself to settle into this gratitude until you are filled with it and it is flowing from your fingers and toes and the tip of your head.  Then let that gratitude go out into your home, out into your town, out to your country, and finally your planet and perhaps the universe! This step is a powerful surge of energy that you are capable of generating on your own just from your heart and your thoughts and feelings of gratitude! ENJOY!

REMEMBER:  Depletion is not your natural state. That’s why it feels so bad to you.  You do not have to BE that way. Please do not buy into the lie of having to ‘work like a dog’ to make a living; or killing yourself all week to ‘die’ on Friday and recuperate on the weekend to start over on Monday. These are lies.  Stop believing that your children are out to get you.  Stop entertaining thoughts of blame or shame or guilt.  Stop second-guessing your gut.  Stop engaging with people who complain, drain and maim your energy.  Be responsible about your choices and actions.  Be aware.  Notice how your life is playing out and notice how YOU are the one who has been driving all along.  The driver is your subconscious mind and you need to start giving it new directions on where you want to go.  Because if you don’t, you will keep driving on this road of depletion and exhaustion.  

Your life is and should be beautiful for you every day no matter what your situation. The coaching program that I am running for moms is proving to be a life-saver for my clients because I get to take them by the hand and teach them EVERYTHING I know. Literally, they get to learn everything I have been taught by my coaches and apply that in their lives with me by their side to hold their hand and show them what they may not be seeing.

Becoming aware and mindful are the first steps to changing your life. TAKING ACTION ON WHAT YOU NOW KNOW IS THE SECOND STEP.

May you be brave enough to take that next step and expand your life in ways you cannot fully comprehend right now because your mind cannot see it… YET.

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June 7, 2019

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