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I’m sitting at a photo studio and there’s a big(ish) screen showing scenes from different weddings that the photographer has curated. As I watch the brides and grooms sharing very sweet moments, moments of promise, moments of excitement, moments of joy, nervousness, anticipation…different emotions come to me.

By now you should have an idea of what I teach my clients :

Back to the wedding scenes…. as one groom holds his new wife’s hand and gently rubs his thumb forwards and backwards on the back of her hand it reminds me of the commitment a couple gives to each other. It reminds me of the desires and dreams that are akin to tiny sparks working to ignite the fire. It reminds me of the courage and strength it takes to take on the world together! It also reminds me that right there, at the beginning of their lives together as a married couple, right there in that sacred space, in the promises you made to each other, therein lies the magic that couples MUST revisit (OFTEN) so that they stay on the winding path both as individuals and as partners, as a family. When each part(ner) is strong in their core, in their heart, realizing their desires, fulfilling their needs, the coming together in marriage can only solidify that core. Knowing you are an individual human being, with your own dreams while at the same time seeing the same in your partner and encouraging and supporting each other to take the steps to reach those dreams is the recipe for a magical, exciting life together!

The scenes on the screen brought me to tears of such deep joy and gratitude, because I realized so many things in that moment, in that breath (like time and space stood still):

My partner is truly a magical being in my life.
I realized we support each other in our desires.
I realized we walk through the challenges together no matter what.
I realized we are growing internally, even more connected as soul mates on this journey of life this time round together in our physical forms.
I realized by honoring each of our own desires, we honor each other.
I realized the commitment we made to our collective dreams is the sum of the commitment we make first to ourselves.

With all these a-ha moments that were lighting up for me just by watching newlyweds on a screen, another BIG ONE came to me and it is this:

So, that also means that I attracted my amazing husband and all the amazing as well as crappy experiences we have created on our journey, and still continue creating.


And you are in the same boat my friend. Whether you believe it or not, it is the truth.

What you are on the inside is what you will experience in your life. If your relationships are fraying, you need to take a look inside. If you are desiring something in your relationship ask yourself if you are already embodying that yourself on the inside… because only when the changes happen on the inside will they be reflected to you on the outside and in your relationship.

There is an infinite sense of joy and love that I feel when I look at our lives and take stock. With two beautiful miracles we get to call our children, work that inspires us and supports us with the tools to serve our world, honoring our deepest desires as individuals and as a team… THE DREAM TEAM is what I keep calling our little family.

So how does someone acquire the ‘DREAM TEAM’ status? Well, this is how I do it with my family… with our strong hearts, clear vision of what we want, we change (and tweak as we go if needed) our belief systems and our values so that they are aligned with the life that we want. When something doesn’t go the way we planned, we don’t blame each other, or circumstances or anyone else outside of us… we take FULL responsibility, we reflect, we notice what needs to shift, we redesign the inner realm and take the next action steps towards our vision. All the while trusting our inner guide, our divine source of life and intellect. We follow our values. Not the values of others. You can do this too by the way if you’re not already doing it 😉

Let me give you an example of what I mean (this is one of those crappy things that happened for us):
We had a big car crash two years ago… it was a serious one and the kids were involved too. Truthfully, anyone would feel like a victim in a situation like that. Thankfully, our angels were close and kept us safe and after all the drama died down I realized that WE had been ‘asking’ to change our car. We had been entertaining the thoughts and talking about ‘we should get a new car’ etc. This is where being crazy specific in your asking is super super important! After the car accident I knew that our requests were being answered. And I realized that, next time, when I ask for something, I will be more a lot more specific. I will take the time to design my EXACT desire with precision because what we ‘ask’ for, even subconsciously, will come our way. Even focusing on what you don’t want will attract the very thing you don’t want. So, be specific with where your thoughts are focused and the way your thoughts are being spoken.

Now I’m not saying that you are consciously asking for the terrible things that may have happened to you in your life… (although some beg to differ)…What I am saying is that you can definitely ‘grow’ from the challenges that present themselves. And part of my clients’ massive life changes begin when they understand and truly GET that life is happening FOR you and not TO you. When you reach this level of consciousness you are no longer a victim but a participant in your life and you start creating instead of suffering. I won’t go into the energetic shifts that happen in you right now, but just know that they are literally RAISING you to go up into a higher quality of life, of being, of existing and creating as your heart desires.  This all starts on the inside.

So, this is me, creating and following my dreams. This is me, teaching my family to do the same. This is me, supporting and guiding my community and my clients to their highest potential and to their DREAM LIFE. This is me, nudging you to do the same… get in touch with the magic in your heart. Rekindle the joy and excitement in doing something new, like when you were a newlywed. Become the desires your heart is pulling you towards!

Life is indeed very short, if you’re feeling like something is missing and you are not where you want to be.  But when you are living from your heart and following your path of your highest truth, you will not feel like life is too short or that you are racing against a clock.  You will feel fulfilled at every moment of your existence. That is what happens when you get coached by someone like me – you give yourself the gift of accepting, surrendering, LOVING exactly who you are and exactly where you are right NOW! That is the DREAM! That is your starting point isn’t it? That is how you felt on your wedding day wasn’t it? Accepted. Surrendered. Loved for exactly who you are!  Ready to create the life of your dreams!

So what happened?


There is this door now in front of you, which if you are ready to open it, will hold the steps you need to take so that you get back to starting point, where you commit to your dreams and create the life you desire. 

What are you waiting for?  Let me show you how!

Alexia (Dreaming Wide Awake) Vlahos Kolokasides

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July 25, 2019

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ARE YOU READY TO EXPERIENCE THE CHANGES YOU SO DEEPLY DESIRE? I AM COMMITTED. ARE YOU? "HAVE YOU EVER entertained the crazy possible idea that you actually CAN live an amazingly purposeful life, where you are fully aligned at your CORE with your PURPOSE, your GOALS, your DREAMS, your SPIRITUALITY and your HEART? When you find that which you deeply seek, all will fall into place like a puzzle. At the flick of a switch you are the CREATOR of your life NOW! The time is now my dear mama friends. No more procrastinating...."

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