Practicing Joy Anyway

Today I was in that place where some people call
And it was magical!
I woke up around 6am and despite what my mind was telling me, (I’m tired; It’s too early; I need more sleep; I’ll be bored if I go alone… and a lot more JUNK), I pulled on my sneakers, packed my swimming bag, dropped the kids off at their destinations (Cristiano is at his Olympics Gymnastics Summer Classes and Sofia is at nursery school until August) and headed down to our towns GORGEOUSLY LUSCIOUS harbor.

As I parked my car I couldn’t believe that my mind was still trying to get me back to my comfort zone! Thankful for it’s complex but primitive desire I ordered it to HUSH and step off… THIS IS MY TURF AND I CALL THE SHOTS WITH MY HEART! And that was it… with my eyes set on the sea I went for my power walk… I got some squats in, some pushups and some crunches while overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. I managed to jog back, got into my swimsuit and cooled off with a refreshing swim at one of my favorite spots … “Ta Mbania” restaurant lounge bar on the famous Paphos promenade.


This DELIBERATE mind f#%@! (because that’s what I did! I had to screw my mind over to get to the sea front) set the stage for the next couple of hours steeped in energy, creativity, calm, peace and harmony from deep inside. I had connected with my source. I did something I used to LOVE so much and it felt dangerously good!!! I hit a high!

You see, I used to be up at 05:30 almost every morning to go for my seafront walk before going to work. That was a very spiritual time for me… surrendering to the soft embrace of the rising sun, honoring my body and my soul while experiencing deep gratitude in my solitude. Somehow, like most busy moms, the demands of my young family slowly pushed that hugely important time for ME to the side.

And today, I PLUGGED IN to that power hub again and boy was it LUSH!!!

My thoughts were crystal clear. My mind wasn’t racing all over the place trying to remember the next item on my To Do List. Being in the zone and focusing on my breathing during my jog, on my technique during my squats, on the burn in my abs during my crunches, on the salty sea on my skin during my swim… was like meditating for an hour! How could have I been living without this bliss for so long?! I ask myself!


On the contrary! I was so deeply connected to everything around me that my heart rejoiced as I revisited this place it recognized from years ago. A familiar place of authenticity, truth, love and joy. Where I dissolved into everything and everything was nothing. Nothing was everything.

It has nothing to do with my body.

It has everything to do with my spirit.

Today I was alone… but I wasn’t lonely.

Today I walked alongside angels.

And it is my deepest wish that you too get to experience the same joy with that THING that you just love doing when you’re being your authentic YOU! It may be art, a sport, a hobby, playing a musical instrument, creating something, could even be WASHING YOUR DISHES OR HAND WASHING YOUR CAR, YOURSELF! Whatever it is, my observation is that when you are 100% in the moment, in the present moment and fully focused on your doing, you will BE in a place of JOY because you cannot be anywhere else when in the present. Only love abides in the present.

If you are a busy mom struggling to find your JOY please reach out because this is your birthright! Please do not believe that because you have a long to do list that your JOY has to take a back seat! NOOOOOO WAY! We are not born to express life in a less than joyful experience. And if you think about it, how bloody awesome would it be if your kids experience their mom living her joy every day! Imagine how living in that way would support them in their adult life! Honoring their joy and doing what makes their hearts sing! If they see their own mama doing it, they will easily do it for themselves later on.

I am not saying you have to force yourself to do something every day come rain or shine but it does take a very CONSCIOUS effort to switch the mindset while you create the new habits and ways of thinking that will support you so that doing YOU, doing your JOY is substantially simplified. Your mind will find ways to sabotage you and it is a good idea to be a few steps ahead of it!

In my next article I will share some interesting facts about your mind that may help you get a heads up while you are heading steadily out of your comfort zone.

In the meantime, I would be delighted to hear how you are an expression of joy in your daily life! Please share in the comments below.

Always with love

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June 27, 2018

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