Professional Life Coaching
According to Google, the definition of a Life Coach is this:
“a person employed to help people attain their goals in life.”My definition is as follows:
“A POWERFUL TRANSFORMATION process whereby I help people overcome any obstacles and limitations they may have and teach them the language of the mind, AND THE HEART, so that they can live a life full of purpose, AT THEIR HIGHEST POTENTIAL, while being equipped with tools and skills to support the MANIFESTATION of their DEEPEST DESIRES. (using the latest research in neurological development and as supported now by Science, I will support you on your journey to the life of your dreams!)Life Coaching is usually done one-on-one but groups are also VERY beneficial due to the dynamics of a group session.I regularly connect with my clients via Skype for sessions while they are travelling or living abroad.My Why:
To empower, transform and impact the lives of my clients!
It brings me immense joy and the deepest satisfaction seeing the layers of years of conditioning peel away, allowing the true essence of my clients to shine through and finally steer the wheel in the direction they want to go. I love that I get to work with amazing people who love themselves enough to seek out the ways to continue growing, expanding and bringing even more value to their world. I feel truly blessed to be on this path of supporting DEEP CHANGE in the LIVES of my clients. At the same time, I am humbled and graciously honored that my clients allow me to join them on this adventure. THIS IS MY PURPOSE.How do you know if Life Coaching for you?
Here are some questions I came up with to assist you : (these are just some examples)Are you feeling stuck in any area of your life?
Do you have a specific issue you are struggling with?
When you think about your life now, are you happy with your results? Or do you have a sense that there is so much more to life and you yearn to touch that golden ?
Are you entertaining habits you wish you weren’t?
Do you wish you could improve your results in your business / your relationship with your partner, / your relationship with your children or family / yourSELF?
Are you carrying incidents from your past that you know you should let go of but you are not sure how?
Do you ever long for more joy, happiness and love in your life?
Are you struggling to make an important decision in your life? Are you fearful of making the wrong one?
Do you need a BREAKTHROUGH?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then you’ve realised that you will definitely put a positive spin on your life with the help of a life coach.

If there’s one thing you so deeply want to change right now in your life, what would it be?



ARE YOU READY TO EXPERIENCE THE CHANGES YOU SO DEEPLY DESIRE? I AM COMMITTED. ARE YOU? "HAVE YOU EVER entertained the crazy possible idea that you actually CAN live an amazingly purposeful life, where you are fully aligned at your CORE with your PURPOSE, your GOALS, your DREAMS, your SPIRITUALITY and your HEART? When you find that which you deeply seek, all will fall into place like a puzzle. At the flick of a switch you are the CREATOR of your life NOW! The time is now my dear mama friends. No more procrastinating...."

I am committed to helping you achieve that!

What am I talking about? Stay with me…."

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