Irina Taran – Mother of one child (11yrs)
Irina Taran – Mother of one child (11yrs)
May 16, 2016

“Everything happens at the right moment. Attending the workshops was a very rewarding decision as it “happened” at a time when a series of sad events and personal losses made me question all my decisions to date.
With commitment and great coaching skills, Alexia and Carola guided me on a sincere journey of self discovery and re-assessment , at the end of which I felt prepared and happy to let the future unfold, “armed” with a completely different outlook on how to deal with the various challenges we came across. I very much enjoyed the beautifully crafted combination of useful information, engaging and stimulating discussions, creative games and very effective tools and techniques which have now become part of my routine.
The things I’ve learned, shared and experienced during the seminar have positively impacted so many areas of my life! Improved awareness; self discipline; ability and knowledge of how to get rid of bad habits; a general fresh way to handle thoughts and emotions and most of all, knowing how to stay true to myself at all times.
Thank you for such a beautiful and empowering experience and for being so committed to improve other people’s lives! I look forward to the next seminar!”

May 16, 2016

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