Julie Tissier Mavrommati – Mother of two children (6yrs & 2yrs)
Julie Tissier Mavrommati – Mother of two children (6yrs & 2yrs)
May 16, 2014

“Alexia is a kind caring soul, passionate about helping people, always increasing her knowledge and coaching skills with new methods to better serve her clients. And so I was privileged to have a session with her to try the gentle yet quickly effective Polarities integration and some Solution Focused methods.

Alexia’s loving way put me at ease to share with her the issues I wanted to address. She patiently listened and went through the process until reaching the desired results. At first I felt relief from the negative emotions that had overwhelmed me for a while. A few days on I could feel happier, more at peace and was more detached from situations that would have bothered me otherwise. It even had a positive effect on a third party that I worked on with Alexia!

So from my positive experience, I definitely recommend Alexia’s coaching to whoever is ready to work on themselves with her help and wants to generally improve their emotional state, resolve toxic negative emotions, going to the root of the problems, and have the tools and confidence to better handle future challenging situations.

Furthermore, as a conscious mother, Alexia specialises in helping parents and children grow together in a loving and happy relationship, building strong foundations for a great future.

The best investment one can do is to invest in personnal development and self growth, which needs to start with clearing past blockages, limiting beliefs and negative emotions, to make room for your higher and happier self to shine! Alexia is here to help you with that!

Many thanks to you Alexia for your generosity and professionalism!”

May 16, 2014

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