March 25, 2016

“During the past year I was feeling depressed, as if I was losing myself and I was very troubled. I was searching for something to guide me and put me in the right path a more positive one.
During the Conscious Parenting Workshop I had the opportunity to express my concerns and fears and to learn ways to overcome them and use them in my favor. I saw it as a challenge and it boosted my self confidence, made me feel so alive and positive. It was a unique and amazing experience. It helped me to learn more about myself and set priorities in my life. I could not wait for the next part to come as I was already seeing changes in my mood and the way I was seeing myself and other people, more positive and optimistic.
The workshop was so powerful that i found myself within the next month clearing all negative thoughts and emotions that had stuck in me and begun making healthier ones. I feel more open, communicate better, balanced and calmer ever since and a happier person. And i have seen improvement in managing stress.
When I started the workshop I thought ‘this is it!’ I could no longer run away from the problem. I could see it and it was time to face it. I also had a small chat with my anxiety and told her off! I haven’t felt it again. It was amazing. I feel much stronger now.
I began setting small goals for myself and making plans again. And finally I see that good things are coming my way.
Thank you so much I feel blessed!”

March 25, 2016

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ARE YOU READY TO EXPERIENCE THE CHANGES YOU SO DEEPLY DESIRE? I AM COMMITTED. ARE YOU? "HAVE YOU EVER entertained the crazy possible idea that you actually CAN live an amazingly purposeful life, where you are fully aligned at your CORE with your PURPOSE, your GOALS, your DREAMS, your SPIRITUALITY and your HEART? When you find that which you deeply seek, all will fall into place like a puzzle. At the flick of a switch you are the CREATOR of your life NOW! The time is now my dear mama friends. No more procrastinating...."

I am committed to helping you achieve that!

What am I talking about? Stay with me…."

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