“The laughter of a child is like a storm filling a thirsty river…. It quenches every corner of your heart and soul.”

Alexia Vlahos Kolokasides

"Alexia is a very patient but firm coach. She sees potential and applies pressure where necessary so that you realise your own abilities in your own way. Her sessions are quite intense and you need to be committed to change in order to be able to get through the emotional wheel that turns during your time with her and then the huge foundational changes that occur in between sessions. My life became a rollercoaster and I wasn’t quite mentally prepared for that. However hindsight is a beautiful thing and because I stuck with it and did as many sessions as I needed to do, the long term  inner changes had taken place. I will say however that a few months after finishing my sessions my life literally imploded. I believe this was because I had become who I truly was and that old life no longer served me. It affected every aspect of my life and shook my to my core. Deep down however I secretly welcomed the rapid change as I knew I had been yearning for it. I was the new and improved me so my outer life had to catch up. I now live a life where I wake up everyday and and I can’t believe it’s mine. Just remember to be grateful for every little thing. This testimonial is true. Have the courage to start the journey with her and you won’t be disappointed. I live in a stunning home, I work in a practice I love and in return receive great satisfaction and respect, I’m having a child which wasn’t previously scientifically possible and I have my perfect partner. Six months it took. But the change needed to happen within me, so that I could then be ready to enjoy all of this." - Alexandra
"Alexia is a kind caring soul, passionate about helping people, always increasing her knowledge and coaching skills with new methods to better serve her clients. And so I was privileged to have a session with her to try the gentle yet quickly effective Polarities integration and some Solution Focused methods. Alexia's loving way put me at ease to share with her the issues I wanted to address. She patiently listened and went through the process until reaching the desired results. At first I felt relief from the negative emotions that had overwhelmed me for a while. A few days on I could feel happier, more at peace and was more detached from situations that would have bothered me otherwise. It even had a positive effect on a third party that I worked on with Alexia! So from my positive experience, I definitely recommend Alexia's coaching to whoever is ready to work on themselves with her help and wants to generally improve their emotional state, resolve toxic negative emotions, going to the root of the problems, and have the tools and confidence to better handle future challenging situations. Furthermore, as a conscious mother, Alexia specialises in helping parents and children grow together in a loving and happy relationship, building strong foundations for a great future. The best investment one can do is to invest in personnal development and self growth, which needs to start with clearing past blockages, limiting beliefs and negative emotions, to make room for your higher and happier self to shine! Alexia is here to help you with that! Many thanks to you Alexia for your generosity and professionalism!" - Julie Tissier Mavrommati – Mother of two children (6yrs & 2yrs)
"The Conscious Parenting Workshop Series was one of the best gifts to myself this year - it came just at the right time, when I felt like I needed that little bit of extra help to get back on track. In a nutshell, the series of four workshops brought me closer to 'home' each time. Alexia and Carola were superb coaches, and were able to convey the necessary detail in a very down-to-earth, pragmatic fashion. Above all, I had fun and hadn't laughed so much in a long time!' - Nafsika Cunningham – Yoga Instructor and mother of two children (6yrs & 4yrs)
“As an educator, wife and mother I try to improve my skills and learn new things that will help me in this complex role. When I heard about the conscious parenting workshop I decided this would be something that would help me broaden my horizons and learn something new. I was not disappointed. In a small friendly group we shared ideas, spoke about our feelings and learnt new skills to help us improve ourselves as parents and friends. How often do you get the chance to think about who you are and how you influence those around you? “ - Desy Polemiti-Elia – Educator and mother of two (8yrs & 6yrs)
“Alexia and Carola have a unique way of helping you with their techniques during their seminar to get in touch with your inner child in a creative way which helps you to release stuff you didn’t know you had. I enjoyed the whole procedure and the attention given to each of us. I felt safe to open up and discuss about aspects of my life that bother me and needed my attention and work to heal them. A great experience by two beautiful souls.” - Elena Gabriel – Mother of two children (11yrs & 13yrs)
“During the past year I was feeling depressed, as if I was losing myself and I was very troubled. I was searching for something to guide me and put me in the right path a more positive one. During the Conscious Parenting Workshop I had the opportunity to express my concerns and fears and to learn ways to overcome them and use them in my favor. I saw it as a challenge and it boosted my self confidence, made me feel so alive and positive. It was a unique and amazing experience. It helped me to learn more about myself and set priorities in my life. I could not wait for the next part to come as I was already seeing changes in my mood and the way I was seeing myself and other people, more positive and optimistic. The workshop was so powerful that i found myself within the next month clearing all negative thoughts and emotions that had stuck in me and begun making healthier ones. I feel more open, communicate better, balanced and calmer ever since and a happier person. And i have seen improvement in managing stress. When I started the workshop I thought 'this is it!’ I could no longer run away from the problem. I could see it and it was time to face it. I also had a small chat with my anxiety and told her off! I haven’t felt it again. It was amazing. I feel much stronger now. I began setting small goals for myself and making plans again. And finally I see that good things are coming my way. Thank you so much I feel blessed!” - Katerina
“Everything happens at the right moment. Attending the workshops was a very rewarding decision as it “happened” at a time when a series of sad events and personal losses made me question all my decisions to date. With commitment and great coaching skills, Alexia and Carola guided me on a sincere journey of self discovery and re-assessment , at the end of which I felt prepared and happy to let the future unfold, “armed” with a completely different outlook on how to deal with the various challenges we came across. I very much enjoyed the beautifully crafted combination of useful information, engaging and stimulating discussions, creative games and very effective tools and techniques which have now become part of my routine. The things I’ve learned, shared and experienced during the seminar have positively impacted so many areas of my life! Improved awareness; self discipline; ability and knowledge of how to get rid of bad habits; a general fresh way to handle thoughts and emotions and most of all, knowing how to stay true to myself at all times. Thank you for such a beautiful and empowering experience and for being so committed to improve other people’s lives! I look forward to the next seminar!” - Irina Taran – Mother of one child (11yrs)
“A huge thank you for showing me that I do not have to settle! One simple technique helped me heal from destructive thoughts that I have carried with me for years”. Not so long ago, I had a friendly session booked in with Alexia, all I was asked was to think of something that I would like to work on improving. I thought of three! They were past events that have affected me negatively in many areas of my life, thoughts that saddened me, and made me feel that this is it! After a single session with Alexia, I felt a sense of relief, looked at what was once a problem from a completely different perspective and a huge weight has lifted. So thank you.” - Theodosia Christodoulou – Social Worker and Mother of two children (5 and 8)
"Everyone of us will someday come to a point that we are not going to know what to do with something that is bothering us...Either a family problem or a big fight. My problem was the death of someone really important to me, my great grandmother ...She passed away at the age of 90, everyone was saying that it is okay because she had lived her life. But still that didn't change my feelings ... After weeks of being sad and emotional, I decided to speak to Alexia, I really thought that nothing was going to change. On our first session I was thinking to myself that maybe she would've approached me in a way that I would remember my grandmother and I would cry again ... It was exactly the opposite I did think of my grandmother, but in a way that made me smile! After 4 sessions with Alexia, I was feeling I was making a huge progress. After a few months I got over the whole emotional story, without that meaning that a day passes without my thinking about her! A thing that Alexia told me and I still say it to myself when I think about her is : "Why don't you think about the great things that you lived with her, instead of thinking about the things you didn't get the chance to!" Thanks to Alexia I got through this! And I will always appreciate what she did for me!!! A quote that I saw and thought of you Alexia: "There is no better way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark " ~Helen Keller~ Thank you Alexia For everything ! You are a huge inspiration!!!" - Michaela Gameiro – Teenager ( )

ARE YOU READY TO EXPERIENCE THE CHANGES YOU SO DEEPLY DESIRE? I AM COMMITTED. ARE YOU? "HAVE YOU EVER entertained the crazy possible idea that you actually CAN live an amazingly purposeful life, where you are fully aligned at your CORE with your PURPOSE, your GOALS, your DREAMS, your SPIRITUALITY and your HEART? When you find that which you deeply seek, all will fall into place like a puzzle. At the flick of a switch you are the CREATOR of your life NOW! The time is now my dear mama friends. No more procrastinating...."

I am committed to helping you achieve that!

What am I talking about? Stay with me…."

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