The CZ Is Killing You – And You Don’t Even Know It

Your CZ (known as the COMFORT ZONE) is the mental space you subconsciously choose to reside because this is where you usually ‘feel’ safe, comfortable and secure. Not much goes on in this neighborhood aside from the day to day routines, the usual conflicts with the usual people in your life, the same financial status abides and generally you feel ‘ok-ish’.

The ‘ISH’ is what gets me sitting up straight and saying ‘This is just not on’!

If I ask you how is life going right now, how would you answer? If your answer is along the lines of ‘amazing! I’m flying! I’m in my flow! I couldn’t be happier! I love life and life loves me!’ etc etc… then you don’t need to read further. I bid you goodbye and wish you even more of this luscious experience you are having!

However, If you have an ‘ish’ at the end of your ‘ok’ then you know your comfort zone is getting too comfortable and things absolutely got to be shaken up a bit. It means you are not challenging yourself mentally, spiritually, physically. It means you are not working towards any goals. Professionally it’s likely you’ve hit a wall. You are probably just living instead of THRIVING as you were meant to experience this life on all possible levels.


For longer than I’d like to admit, I have been ‘frolicking’ with my time. ‘Frolicking’ with my energy and ‘frolicking’ with my goals! And this is me telling you now that the ‘frolicking’ is coming to it’s glamorous end. I have made a new contract with myself and I am dipping gently into the waters of uncertainty yet AGAIN so that I taste the excitement of life in every waking moment.

What pushed me over the edge? Self-coaching did. I started catching myself having thoughts like ‘I’m tired. I don’t feel like preparing the packed lunches AGAIN. I’m so tired. I just feel like going to bed. Where is all my time going? Blah blah blah. It’s all BLAH BLAH BLAH ! But to illustrate how this mental blah affects one’s life, for me, my energy levels got so low and my irritation threshold became smaller and smaller that I found myself snapping and biting at my kids and feeling low as shit with myself!

And I’m like whooooa dude what’s going on here!!!! Let me have a chat with my mind!!!

I’ve pulled the brake and I am starting over with ME.


And this is some of what I am doing to get things on track (AGAIN):

(I keep saying ‘AGAIN’ because getting in and pushing myself out of the CZ is an ongoing thing. I get out, I get comfortable again, then my heart starts nudging me and I need to push out of the zone again. This is how life is. AMAZING!!!)

Bye bye comfort zone. Hello BEAUTIFUL LIFE!
­ I am opening new business projects.
­ I am making a conscious effort of being more organized with my time. This means planning my week in advance and planning my day before anyone else wakes up in the morning. (You all know I’m a SAHM AND I have my coaching business to run… so balancing the two is a big challenge! And so is raising humans as you might agree 🙂 so planning my week and day has been extremely beneficial!
­ I am choosing to spend my time with the important people in my life.
­ I am being even more present with my kids.
­ I am continuing to enjoy my relationship with my partner (even more) and we discuss EVERYTHING going on in our lives and our hearts.
­ I am practicing gratitude daily, multiple times a day, specially upon waking and going to bed.
­ I am engaging in my personal growth both spiritually, mentally and physically.
­ I am pushing myself through the moments where I don’t ‘feel’ like doing something by using the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins and this is a huge game changer for me.
­ I am experiencing more energy.
­ I am procrastinating less and enjoying getting things done one by one… My ‘to do’ list doesn’t haunt me anymore.
­ Etc etc…

AND A MAJOR ONE IS I AM GIVING MYSELF A PAT ON THE BACK EVERY DAY FOR THE AMAZING JOB I AM DOING WITH MY LIFE! Not with my kids life, but MY OWN LIFE!!! Of course my kids are my gifts in life and they are truly the cherry on my daily birthday cake.

Getting back to me… I realized that I had slipped. We all slip now and then. The challenge is finding the courage to get back up and do something about it. Staying in the comfort zone will kill me. Maybe slowly… but it’ll still kill me. It’ll kill you too. Because there is no passion there. There is no heart. There is no fire. There is no connection to the deeper you. We need these to grow. And if we are not growing it means we are dying.

If you find you are not feeling challenged and growing as a result of those challenges, then you are regressing. Period.

I suggest you take a step back and assess your life, your goals, your heart.

Ask yourself “Where is my heart in all of this?”

I know it takes courage to make even the small shifts on a daily basis. Start small and you will see your courage will grow so you can take on the bigger things your heart wants to lead you too.

Have the courage to take even one small step outside your comfort zone. It may be getting up 20 minutes earlier to enjoy your coffee in peace and plan your day. Or it may be speaking up to your partner. Or asking for the increase you believe you are worthy of.


Whatever that may be for YOU!

Always with love!

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September 21, 2018

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