The Eve Of His Birth

It’s the eve of his birth.

Our son’s.
Tomorrow he turns 7.
This time, 7 years ago, I was eating pizza on my cousin’s veranda, with my belly so huge and heavy that I wasn’t even sure if I could physically fit any pizza in there!

I did.  In case you’re wondering 😉

Fast forward to the next morning, after contractions all through the night, we went to the clinic at 10am, got checked in because I was heavily dilated and by 12:45 midday he arrived!   Such a good boy! 

I cried.
A lot!

If you’re a mom you’ll understand the crying part. If you’re a dad, you’ll also understand. Not completely though.
Today I’m remembering the pregnancy. I’m remembering the anticipation. The expectation. The ideas. The desires. The doubts. The fears. The worries. THE FEARS.

Today I am remembering the indescribable joy and outpouring flood of love that exploded from my whole being at the birth of our first born.

Today I celebrate being a first-time mom as he will celebrate being a first-time  7yr old  tomorrow.

Being a mom can be hard. It can be testy. It can be messy. It can be darn right terribly disappointing. It can also drive one to insanity and depression. I was close! How can the arrival of one little human create such a spin on my life?

On the flip side, it is such a magical and opportunity-for-transformation gift to be a mom. It can trigger super powers. It can awaken secret spaces in your heart you never knew existed. It can create thousands of opportunities for you to grow as a person serving this world. It can show you where you get to be better and it shows you were you are already incredible!

For me, being a mom has become such a gorgeous tapestry of games, questions, answers, conflict, growth, tears, fears, challenges, anticipation, and more growth. I have been stretched like never before because I am a mom!


No one brings out the best and the worst in me like my relationship with my kids. And I feel soooooo OK saying that because I know when the worst comes out, my kids have helped to shine the spotlight on what I still got to work on on the inside! I will never be a perfect mom, and neither will you.

What you CAN be is a YOUR children’s perfect. When you parent them from the perspective of what THEY NEED you to be, you will stop trying to be perfect from your own perception of what perfection means. You will awaken to what each child needs from you, from your essence and not your ego, and you will connect in much deeper ways than ever before.

My journey into Conscious Parenting has supported me through motherhood and will continue to do so as I teach my clients (on my membership program) how they can also surrender to the struggle and embrace the true gift of being a mom! It doesn’t have to be a struggle! I learnt that early on – thank you God and thank you to my kids.

They truly are the magic potion in my life.
Tonight, before Cristiano fell asleep next to me, he was strangely so full of questions about the sun and the moon. Which one is more important? Which one is more powerful? How many hours until his birthday? and so much more! I was enjoying his curiosity and excitement and knew I had to share it with you.

I didn’t rush him. I reveled in his bliss which became my bliss. And when he quietened down, we lay side by side in silence, and within 5 minutes he fell asleep. I found myself spinning in a blessed space of infinite gratitude for these children I get to call ‘mine’, my life, this planet… 

Do you ever feel this type of exquisite joy and bliss in your life?  I am beginning to feel it daily and it’s a beautiful thing to have. 

I would love to hear about your bliss and deep fulfillment in the comments!

And if you are interested to know more about Conscious Parenting and my membership program on how to go from happy to incredibly fulfilled, then just send me an email and I will respond to you asap!

With love and celebration
Alexia (loving on my 7yr old) Vlahos Kolokasides

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August 24, 2019

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