The REAL Truth About How I Became A Life Coach – Pain & Disappointment Were My Guide

Today I decided to come clean and tell you the truth about how I became a Life Coach…

I was in pain. A lot of physical pain. When I stood at the sink to wash dishes, PAIN. When I stood at the fax machine at the office…. PAIN. If I sat for too long at the computer… you guessed it… PAIN! The pain I am talking about was a shooting, radiating pain that ran from the top of my hips down the back of both my legs down to the heels.

I’ve tried to remember when it started, but it’s not very clear. It lasted a good couple of years and I visited many doctors and specialists to find the reason and treatment but alas, I was confronted with professionals that could not help me and some even told me it was ‘in my head’!

How dare they!!? Right? I mean here I was, desperate and distraught in my physical pain and mental torment over the thought of the pain and the future of living with this pain… and they were telling me it’s in my head!

Before I threw in the towel, I was guided to see a professional Osteopath in a town almost 2hrs away. His approach was completely different to the rest of the doctors I had ever been to in my life! And the reason for this is because he treated me!! He didn’t treat my pain or my symptoms… he used his NLP techniques and helped me change my meaning making process and programming I had subconsciously developed over the years and he showed me how to unlock the ‘coding’ that my mind was using to create this pain in my body.

Basically, my body was showing me that I had ‘stuff’ (unprocessed emotional baggage) blocked on the inside from an experience and a meaning I had given to that experience… it was not serving me and I had to address it so that it could move out of my body and release the blocked energy and the ‘pain’!

I am not exaggerating when I say that my pain had disappeared almost immediately! I had 4 sessions with this doctor. Every session was an amazingly wonderful and fun, loving, sometimes tearful experience without being dramatic and overwhelming!

This person showed me the power of NLP and once I realized what had happened (I sneaked a peak at his certificates on the wall which included NLP Practitioner), I scoured the internet to find out what this NLP thing was. When I discovered the meaning of it, I immediately sent an enquiry out to a training institute that caught my eye and the rest is history.

My life coach training changed the course of my life but it was the pain in my legs that SAVED ME!

Blessings do indeed come in disguise. I believe the reason for my pain was a dysfunctional attitude I was harboring towards my mother. I admit it, growing up I was a brat! For a long time! There was always conflict between me and my mother, for as long as I can remember, … and the pain in my legs led me on the road to healing that conflict inside of ME and letting my mother off the hook by accepting her amazingness and all that she is without any expectations from her. I remember phoning her from Dubai (while I was on my intense training with my amazing Coach Robert Simic) and just telling her how much I love her. (I think she was worried I joined a cult ha ha ha).

This is the power the aligned mind and heart can have on you!

The thoughts that we entertain on a daily basis do create energy that either flows or is blocked in our bodies. So next time you are experiencing something in your body, before you reach for the pills, question your thoughts, your experiences and your reactions in your life… maybe it will shed some light as to why your body is communicating to you the way it is. And maybe, just maybe, there is some healing required in your heart so that your body can then heal too.

Always with love…

For anyone wishing to connect on a one to one basis please get in touch and we can schedule a call.
I am here to serve you.

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January 14, 2019

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