Three Steps Moms Can Take To Stop Worrying About Tomorrow

Today I’m going to share with you Three Steps you can do daily, to support you and release you from the need to worry about tomorrow.

I often observe people (myself included) and how they are going about their motions and Emotions during a situation or expected situation in the future.

It always fascinates me how we get ourselves into a knot before we even realize it.  Has this ever happened to you? Is there something in today’s, tomorrow’s, next week’s, next month’s or even next year’s schedule that has you in a knot? Are you overthinking, over analyzing, over anything about it?

How is that feeling in your body? Surely you know by now that worrying has a negative effect on your immune system and your life in general? I am positive you know that your worry is not actually helping the situation…?

I give you permission to stop doing that (the worry) right now!

And here are 3 Steps you can do to help you:

First step
Understand that you are worrying because you cannot control the future and that is scary for you.
As humans, we have been conditioned to love controlling our environment. If you take your desires as an example, you cannot exercise delayed satisfaction and instead, you go for the immediate satisfaction in the moment and that gives you a FALSE sense of control, even if you end up not liking your results. Like when you eat the extra brownie or you buy the bag on credit because you can’t wait to generate the money by saving for it.

Your need for control is keeping you in a cycle of fear and you don’t even know it. Fear of not having. Fear of losing. Fear of being exposed. Fear of failure. Fear of death… etc etc.

It must be said that your need for control is very likely a pattern you picked up from your childhood so that you feel safe, secure, certain, significant or loved. It is a pattern you developed as a mechanism for survival. It is just not serving you anymore.

This is a very deep topic and is not something that can be ‘fixed’ with willpower. It goes much deeper than willpower. It goes down into your belief system and your values.

So, understanding where the worry has it’s roots is an important step in processing it.


Second Step
Be curious about your ‘worry’. Shift your perspective and get playful with it. Ask the right questions!
This is a lovely energetic space to be in and the more you practice it the more you will delight in your curiousity! So begin by asking yourself questions :

“What is it that my mind is trying so hard to convince me I should worry about?” When you get the answer, no matter what answer comes up and no matter how serious your situation, go to step three.


Step Three
Here, you will have a conversation with your mind and reprogram it, deliberately:

Say, with a heart full of love, “Mind, I honor you and I love you. I know you mean well. I know you are trying to protect me. It’s time to let go of that future thought now. It does not serve us. It is not good for our body. It’s not feeling good.
Remember that time when …. (here I want you to elicit a memory where you felt grounded, trusting of yourself, in love with yourself, confident in your decisions and your actions, focused on the present and living in the NOW)” (put all your focus and attention onto that memory now and experience it as if it is happening now).

Next, tell your mind “This is where we are now. Not out there (in the future). We create the future right here, right now. And right NOW, worry is not on the menu.

Right NOW we have TRUST.
Right NOW we have LOVE.
Right NOW we have PATIENCE.
Right Now we have GRATITUDE.
Right NOW we have COURAGE.

I will show you that you can trust me to stay in the present moment and enjoy the beauty around us every day. And in each moment we build our next future moment”.

And from this space, you move past the ‘worry’ habit and deliberately choose what to focus on and what to enhance in your life instead. Because you already know that what you focus on expands. So why not CHOOSE what to focus on instead of being dragged by your conditioning to a space that doesn’t serve you.

This is a powerful statement to make to yourself(mind). You cannot separate yourself from your mind. It is part of you. At the same time, everything in your mind was created by experience and it’s become a program. So, by learning how it communicates to you, you will be able to redirect it with new, more resourceful and empowering messages to build a PRESENT that is free of worry about tomorrow.

Trusting that you are “OK”, is also a big theme in letting go of your worry. If you cannot trust, it ultimately means you have connected trusting with a negative experience and therefore you avoid it. So again, it leads us to your conditioning (your past).

It is crucial to recognize that RSCI Life Coaching does not delve into the past to analyze or dissect or spend hours upon hours talking about the past. My Coaching Program entails supporting you to process your past, (the stuff that is related to your desires for your future), using high end coaching that may take as little as a couple of minutes! (each client is different – but we don’t spend hours doing ‘therapy’ on an issue from your past).

So, the next time you find yourself worrying about tomorrow, do these three steps and I KNOW that you will be creating new neural pathways in your brain to bypass the old map.
Consistency and repetition is very important, while when my clients inform me of stuff like this I immediately do an intervention and the worry pattern disappears. Permanently. In the scope of this blog, these steps are a very good starting point to put you on the path of freedom from worry!! Just be brave enough to try it

Keep growing! Keep learning! Keep living your magnificence even more NOW!

Alexia Vlahos Kolokasides

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May 31, 2019

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