Who’s shoes…?

The other day while recording for my upcoming event in 2 weeks the neighbors wanted to check in with me on something and so before I headed next door I reached out for my hubby’s windbreaker.  

He’s 2mtrs tall, so his clothes are huge on me! It’s an amazing bright sky blue color and it smells just like him!  I absolutely love wearing his oversized clothes.  (Don’t you like wearing your partners stuff?) They remind me of how much we’ve grown together and how we will never outgrow each other 😉

And in honor of International Women’s month, I’m opening up a conversation here about the ‘shoes’  that you and many women may be trying to fill and why.

I invite you to take a moment to think about ‘Who’s shoes are you trying to fill today?  And Why?”  

Are you aspiring to be like your mom?  Or your Grandmother?  Or any other incredible women in your life that has made an impact on you?

I’d love to hear your story and how the women in your life are transforming you every day.

In the same deep, cleansing breath, I invite you to expand on that and be curious about whether you are comparing yourself, trying to be someone you’re not, hiding behind a mask… Because the efforts of filling someone else’s shoes can move you into a deeper embodiment of you essentially growing into your own shoes!  

Of course, we get to receive gems and nuggets from the people that cross our paths all the while knowing that they are actually providing us the opportunity to look within our hearts and unveil our own gems and nuggets of wisdom and guidance so that we can show up in our authentic power and pleasure for life!

So how do you that?  For me, it’s about being curious in every relationship and how my own triggers are being activated by people in my life SO THAT I can grow, evolve and move forward to where I want to be! 

This is living 100% accountable for my personal experiences no matter what the results in my life are…. Good or bad, I am responsible!… And its soooooo fricken empowering living this way as a co-creator with Source, living my heaven on earth! Unapologetically!

You get to have that too!
And if you do… WOOOOHOOOOO for YOU!!!
If you haven’t made it there yet, I still celebrate you because you WILL discover the infinite source of love, healing and connection that you hold within your heart sooner or later.

At this point, I want to take a moment to THANK YOU for holding a special place in my heart!  For all you do as a woman and sovereign being to shift the planet into higher consciousness, to be a beacon of light in your family, your community and in the world! Without you, something would be amiss!

Thank you for being a truth-seeker and truth-speaker and always seeing a higher vision for life!

Keep going!  We are only getting started!!

I love you and I cherish you!


PS – I have been buzzing like a bumble bee behind the scenes and almost ready to announce a once in a lifetime opportunity to an event that is going to help you lock into your purpose in your life and help you get even closer to oneness within as a co-creator of your heaven on earth!  Make sure you keep an eye in here over the next couple of days!

Photo credit: Benjamin Wedemeyer on Unsplash

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March 12, 2021

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