Why I Don’t Believe Our Children Are Our Greatest Teachers

At first glance you may think I’m crazy with this title. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of seeing this everywhere… that our children are our greatest teachers.
How can that be true? I am the one here teaching them and guiding them, feeding them, ‘growing’ them…. Right?

OR AM I???

“In simple, every day ways as well as more profound ones, our children are constantly saying to us “wake up! Look at yourself! Transform yourself! Do this for you, so that I may be free of what burdens you!” Dr. Shefali Tsabary – The Awakened Family
For me, I don’t believe our children are our greatest teachers.
I don’t believe it… I cannot possibly believe it anymore because for me it has become not just a belief but a FACT. A core truth for me as I am mothering our 2 children (and being mothered) while I journey on this earth for but a short time.

Just today our eldest son, Cristiano, now 6,5yrs old put me in my place and gently guided me about how to respond to our youngest, Sofia, who is 2,5yrs old. She was performing. She’s a drama queen. Refused to have her shower. Stomping and chomping and ended up in tears. Of course, all I had to do according to Cristiano, who revealed the secret to me later on while I was snuggling in bed with him once Sofia ebbed off into slumber land, was this:

This came from him out of the blue by the way and completely out of context !

“Mommy, you mustn’t shout at Sofia when she’s being so crazy and when she’s kicking and screaming”. (yes, sometimes I do slide back into unconsciousness and I lose it and I shout!) Cristiano continues “you must just ask her what she needs. Is she hungry? Is she tired? Does she want daddy? Or mommy? Maybe she needs a cuddle?” “you must do what I do when she’s kicking at me, sometimes even on my head. I just don’t give up on her and I keep asking her questions about what she might want”.

And he’s right! He has such an incredible way with her and almost always manages to calm her down and bring her to her crazy senses.

He blew me away. He blew me right out of the sky with his love-light tonight. This little boy showing concern and empathy for his little sister and offering his mother tips on how to help the baby in a difficult spot.

Guys, I’m a Life Coach, but tonight the coach in me saw another side of my boy and myself that was a moment I will keep in my heart forever. A conscious, awakened moment of love and connection. Deep connection. One where a 6 yr old boy held his mommy’s face in the cups of his small hands, looked deep into her eyes and taught her lessons for life. (it’s not the first time I’m learning from him).

He then held me tight in my arms as we told each other how much we loved each other and I thanked him for being so generous with his love, patient with his sister and gentle with me. We were so connected that just as I thought in my head to ask him if he wanted me to sing him is favorite bedtime song (it’s been a while since I’ve sung it to him) he blurted out to me, ‘Mommy can I ask you something? Can you please sing Shine Your Light to me?

I had tears in my eyes.

It’s moments like these that get carved into my heart forever. It’s moments like these that give me even more drive and inspiration to do what I do with the Conscious Parenting Workshops and teach the concepts and the principles to as many parents as possible!
It’s moments like these that show me the deep colors of a child’s spirit and how truly capable they are to be OUR TEACHERS and not the other way around!

I am honored to be this little boy’s mother. I am blessed to be his student!

Always with love

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January 23, 2019

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