“You can buy the most expensive pen on the market, but if you don’t refill the ink cartridge it becomes just a beautiful, empty trophy. Do the work! “

Alexia Vlahos Kolokasides

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You’re feeling out of control. Your home is a battle zone between you, your children and the mess in the kitchen! You’re exhausted (probably hanging by a thread) and dreading the next day being repeated all over again. I’m guessing there are days where you feel like giving up. Basically you’re a mom without any serious mojo. Lots of low quality thinking going on and practically zero zest for fun in your life!

If this sounds like you, then (YAAAY) because I have a solution for you! I am going to give you a few tips in about ten minutes that will have you thinking about this whole situation differently. You’ll be able to make changes that you haven’t been able to make before just with the few little tweaks I’m going to give you on the phone after our mini session.

How it works:

We connect on the phone for about 10 minutes and I help you through some of your blocks when it comes to your current crazy situation. We help discover why you are taking the action you are taking and what’s going on in your brain and how that’s creating an emotion that’s driving that action causing you to feel so out of control. I’m going to teach you how to manage your mind so you never get to the point where you feel out of control again. I will give you two ways to do that right there on the phone and you’re going to be able to start applying them right then in that day. Once you start doing that you will notice a significant decrease in how often you feel out of control and like giving up. Now I’m not able to help you solve that problem totally, but I will definitely get you started.

We’ll get on the phone, you’ll call a certain number and we’re going to talk about it for about 10 minutes and I’m going to tell you about some other opportunities that I have for you to work with me on a longer term basis.

Why you should get on this call with me:

Once you jump on this call with me and you’re able to start applying this, you will notice that over the next few days you will have a lot more clarity and even a sense of calm. You will feel a lot more in control and you’ll start noticing the reasons why you were feeling like giving up or why you have lost your zest for life. Your awareness will be heightened and what that will ultimately do is it will help you to see things from a different angle… sort of like putting on new glasses and finally seeing clearly. You will be able to respond more resourcefully to challenging situations with your children and you will begin to understand why your mind has you believing the non-serving things you currently believe.

What is your next step?

1) What I want you to do is FIRST, click on this link
2) Then give me your name and your email address
3) We will schedule an appointment and get on the call.

I know what you’re thinking …

Just in case you’re wondering, our conversation and details thereof will be kept in the strictest of confidence. I am not running a coffee shop. Your stuff is your stuff and it is not shared with anyone. Not even the gold fish! The reason why it’s only a 10 minute call is because I know you are busy mom and I don’t want to take up too much of your time for this initial dipping of your foot in unknown waters. And, I really want to help you right NOW to shift your situation. All I can say is ‘trust me’ because your 10 minutes will be worth their value in gold and you will be able to reap the benefits immediately.


“A huge thank you for showing me that I do not have to settle! One simple technique helped me heal from destructive thoughts that I have carried with me for years. Not so long ago, I had a friendly session booked in with Alexia, all I was asked was to think of something that I would like to work on improving. I thought of three! They were past events that have affected me negatively in many areas of my life, thoughts that saddened me, and made me feel that this is it! After a single session with Alexia, I felt a sense of relief, looked at what was once a problem from a completely different perspective and a huge weight has lifted. So thank you.”
Theodosia Christodoulou

What do you do now?

1) What I want you to do is FIRST, click on this link
2) Then give me your name and your email address
3) Next we’ll schedule an appointment and get on the call.

Looking forward to creating some AMAZING mojo with you, so that YES, YOU actually ARE ENJOYING EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE AGAIN!


ARE YOU READY TO EXPERIENCE THE CHANGES YOU SO DEEPLY DESIRE? I AM COMMITTED. ARE YOU? "HAVE YOU EVER entertained the crazy possible idea that you actually CAN live an amazingly purposeful life, where you are fully aligned at your CORE with your PURPOSE, your GOALS, your DREAMS, your SPIRITUALITY and your HEART? When you find that which you deeply seek, all will fall into place like a puzzle. At the flick of a switch you are the CREATOR of your life NOW! The time is now my dear mama friends. No more procrastinating...."

I am committed to helping you achieve that!

What am I talking about? Stay with me…."

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