You’ve been duped into believing the lies!

I never thought I would be the one that says this, but it turns out 2020 has been the best year yet in my business, in my relationships, in my family, in myself!

And why?

Because I consciously DECIDED to put the fears that I’ve been duped into believing aside… and take myself on in a big and very deep way.

There were many times where I had to STEP THROUGH some big m-fing fears! … about myself, my worthiness, my capability, my leadership and soooo much more to get to where I am today.

AND it was all worth it and I’d do it all over again in a heart beat!

I’m still not there yet… there is so much room for improvement!

There will always be, and I get that. I really do.

I get that the path or the journey of my life is about ascension to my highest self and sharing it all with the women and moms I connect with. With that comes continuously moving up the consciousness ladder and becoming the better version of me, embodying the codes of motherhood every day and all the other codes that I get to discover and activate within my soul.

Fears still come up. They always will. And I can’t say for sure how I will encounter each one because I am not the same person today that I was yesterday, and I won’t be the same person tomorrow either. But I can say that I will always source the courage and the willingness to find out who I get to be through each experience my soul brings me to, because I know that it will grow me and expand me and my calling further.

How you choose to experience your life (whether in fear or freedom) is directly shown to you in the reality you perceive every day…
are you in overflow?
Are you in peace?
Are you in harmony within yourself?
Are you showing love and compassion no matter what?
Are you forgiving of your mistakes and of others?
Are you living a life you deeply love and that deeply fulfills you?
Are you judgmental?
Are you fearful of the future?
Do you deeply trust yourself and follow your intuition?

Or do you listen to the fears that whisper lies of not knowing enough, not having enough and not being enough?


i am here to tell When you recognize the fears you hold onto and decide to divorce them by radically living through your soul, you ignite the fire that fuels you.

How is your 2020 being so far?
Are you embodying your freedom, diving into self discovery, exploring how you get to become the highest version of yourself?

Because in all honesty, that is the only way to a live and embody freedom in all aspects of your life, including relationships, money, health, wealth!

You have to shift, activate and manifest!

This means embodying first that which you wish to experience in your life before your reality can reflect it back to you.

What are you ready to embody & experience before the end of 2020?

Who are you becoming as you stretch for your 2020 intentions to come to completion?

I love hearing back from you! Feel FREE to share in the comments!

And remember, if no-one has told you today, I’m telling you now…
I LOVE YOU! I really mean that.

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September 8, 2020

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